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Online yoga book
Harrie van der Haghen

with hundreds of photographs and 28 clips of yoga poses.
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In the coming months on this Internet address a complete yoga book will grow. My students and actually everybody who wants to, can read it here, or print it and use it as a usual yoga handbook. A number of teachers of yoga have promised me to help me with this project. I pronounce my thanks to Lidwien Meerman, who has helped me by the making of more than a thousand photographs.
I'm happy to receive advice. My E-mail address is hvd@haghen.nl.
This book is intended for the beginner as well as for the advanced yoga practitioner. As in my lessons it is also intended for young and old. By the look at of the photographs you could possibly get the idea that one needs to be very lithe to do yoga, or that one has to have good control over ones own body. That's not so. Litheness and body control are the consequences of yoga practice. As in the courses I will gradually build up the exercises from an introduction for beginners, to exercises with which even the advanced yoga practitioner can develop him/herself.
Do not perform the exercises as gymnastics or as circus tricks. Injuries are not very common in yoga practice, but I strongly want to advise everybody to be careful with ones own body. As my teacher Saswitha said:"In every life you only get one vehicle, so be careful with it." (This becomes of even more important if you think this life is the only one you get).
The yoga postures have to be performed in a calm way and with attention. No fast movements, no leaps, everything is done with awareness. In most postures one is confronted with the limitations of ones own body. We reach a limit that we must not overstep. It's not the aim to reach the pain limit. Pain is a warnings signal that we must not ignore. If we go slowly further in an exercise, we will gradually feel the tension increasing. When we direct the attention to our inside, we can discover that by relaxing on the right places in the body, the limit will gradually move. When you feel tensions start to increase, you may safely make the posture a bit easier, or even gently come back out of the yoga posture. Yoga is no competition sport. Yoga is done for oneself, with oneself. Each person has its own limits and its own pace.

Click on the photograph or the name of the pose you want to see more of.
Bow in balance, click for more. Bow in balance. Go up and down on the feet.
, click for more. Go up and down on the feet.
Seagull, Click for more.
Sit on heels with the arms behind the back, Click for more.
Sit on heels with the arms behind the back.
Half locust, click for more.
Half locust
Dog, click for more.
Hare, click for more.
Spider variation with two legs on one elbow, click for more.
Spider, variation with two legs on one elbow.
Frog, click for more.
Twined torsion, click for more.
Twined torsion.
Hinging, click for more.
Lying abdominal breathing, click for more.
Lying abdominal breathing.
Lying moving on the breath, click for more.
Lying moving on the breath.
Lying relaxation pose, click for more.
Lying relaxation pose.
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